Why Should I Attend Church?

In this episode, I answer the question: Why should I go to church? In our good news segment, we talk about a pair of Kentucky students who help feed the hungry. Our Unreached People Group is the Vanniyan of India. Today’s Word comes from John 10. Continue reading “Why Should I Attend Church?”

EP # 5 – The Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

In this episode, we look at one of most fundamental elements of the Christian faith – prayer. Specifically we look at the need for us to have God speak into our lives by using the example of Samuel. Our Good News segment is about the nephew of the Masterpiece Cake owner becoming a Christian. Our unreached people group for the week is the Hakka of China. And Today’s Word is found in John 2:15-25. This famous passage talks about Jesus throwing the money changers out of the temple!

Speak, Lord. Your servant hears.

As we have been talking about living for Christ daily, one of the main issues that needs to Continue reading “EP # 5 – The Power of Prayer”