True Confessions Interview

Hello friends, I was recently asked to take part in a series of collective talks on the website Absolutely True Confessions. A friend of the Everyday Jesus podcast runs this page and asked me to participate in an interview about the ministry we have here. Be sure to check out that interview here:

Absolutely True Confessions Interview

Also be sure to read the rest of her series by clicking on the following link:

Tuesday Talk

It was a wonderful experience and I encourage you to check it out!

Christian Parenting #3 – Will Your Children Worship God or Idols?

plan the perfect

In this episode, we continue our special series on Christian parenting. This week we are looking at Chapter 3 of Tedd Tripp’s book, Shepherding a Child’s Heart. This week the discussion revolved around whether a child’s heart is neutral or not. The question is posed, will your child worship God or idols?

God’s Plan – Free from Fear

God’s Plan – Free from Fear

On the Everyday Jesus podcast we are continuing our discussion on the Holy Spirit and how He helps us in our daily lives. This week on the show we talked about how to find God’s plan for your life. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can check it out below:

Today I wanted to talk about one of the words I used in the podcast that hinders people from following God or seeking His will – Fear. Fear is a huge problem in the world and Continue reading “God’s Plan – Free from Fear”