Fear Is a Liar…

Fear is a liar.

It should come as no surprise to us that fear, which is a spirit, would partner with other spirits when attacking us. The spirit of fear loves to partner with a lying spirit when trying to attack the children of God.

Fear’s power comes from it’s ability to control you. What better way to control someone than to lie to them? Fear wants to control you. And it does that through deception.

There are a couple of interesting things about lying. The first is that lies typically have some element of truth in them. In order for a lie to be believable, they must at least appear real. If someone says the sky is green, you simply dismiss whoever said it. The lie must have an appearance of truth.

And that is what makes fear such an enemy to the believer. As believers we yearn for the truth in all things. We base our lives around truth. So when we are presented with something that looks like the truth, we want to believe it. But a lie is not the truth, even though it may ‘walk like it and talk like it’.

The second thing that is interesting about lies in relation to fear is that lies almost always have a purpose. Typically the purpose of a lie is to deceive. The intention is to trick someone into believing something that isn’t real. When a lying spirit works in conjunction with the spirit of fear, it’s especially powerful because of the deception attached to it. All of us can agree it’s one thing to be fearful of something that is happening, it’s an entirely different thing to be fearful of something that isn’t happening.

So what’s the answer? It’s prayer. When spirits attack you, the first place to run is into the Father’s arms. There is no fear when you are surrounded by His love. It’s easy to forget that this is a spiritual battle though. So stay close to the Savior and keep listening for his voice. Jesus never fails to call out for his bride.

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