What’s in a name?


What is Everyday Jesus? What does it mean? Where did you come up with that name? So far, as I have started pitching this name as the name for my podcast, I’ve gotten a variety of responses. To one person, Everyday Jesus means that Jesus is approachable. He’s there for you. To another, Everyday Jesus is a call that is going out beckoning us to live everyday for him. What does that look like? How do you live for Jesus, yet work full-time or go to school? 

I wanted Everyday Jesus to be more of an evolving conversation. I wanted for people to feel that the term everyday as a daily idea. But I’m open for where that takes us. Jesus himself made Christianity a daily venture by asking us to take up our cross daily and follow him. This can’t be overlooked. We can’t gloss over this text. We can’t think that Jesus is asking us to allow him to be a small inconvenience. This is bigger than just spending less time on your smart phone and more time praying. This is a huge statement.


The Cross is so much bigger than us giving up caffeine for a week. I’m not saying any of those things are bad, they are good. But, this statement by Jesus is so much bigger than that. 

For me, Everyday Jesus is a calling. It’s a summoning to live a life completely devoted to him. To look for Him everyday. To seek Him everyday. To follow Him everyday.

We must be transformed by this message. We must be willing to sacrifice. If you feel this stirring your soul. Then join with me as we seek to follow our King, every day. 

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