A God In Our Own Image

When thinking about the fear of the Lord and how we are supposed to keep a holy reverence toward the Lord, I am reminded as to why this is difficult for many of us to do.

When God created mankind, he created us in His image (Gen. 1:27). God made us to reflect Him. We are to mirror his attributes, but sadly because of sin, we are a dim mirror. And rather than mirroring the creator, we tend to commit idolatry. In our sin, we create a god after our image, instead of reflecting the one who created us.

I’ve spoken with many people who do this very thing and justify it. Whenever we are faced with a truth from the Scripture and say something along the lines of, “well I don’t believe God is really like that” or “My god would never do something like that,” we have created a god in our own image. What we’ve created isn’t a god, but a poor reflection of ourselves.

This form of idolatry is prevalent in our world today, because we would rather worship ourselves than the God who gave us life. We would rather God be like us, than for us to have to change and be like Him. This is the heart of all idolatry – creating a god that can serve us, rather than a God that we serve.

When this sort of idolatry has formed in our heart, we struggle to do as the Scriptures command, which is to treat God as holy. We have made him as unholy as we are. This is the opposite of salvation. In salvation, we are made holy by him. In idolatry, He is made unholy through us.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. We cannot gain knowledge or wisdom from a god created after our own imaginations. That god cannot impart things like wisdom to us because he doesn’t really exist. We need the God who created all things to impart wisdom and knowledge to us and this only comes when we treat Him as holy and set apart.

So where do we start?

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