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Check it out! We are now listed on TuneIn! If this is your preferred way of listening to podcasts you are in luck! We are already listed on most of the other popular outlets, like iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. If we aren’t on your preferred media outlet, drop us a comment and let me know. I’ll be glad to look into it!

The Holy Spirit Purifies Us

The Holy Spirit Purifies Us

If you’ve been following our series on the Holy Spirit, you know this week on the Everyday Jesus podcast we discussed three reasons you may not want more of the Holy Spirit. If you haven’t listened to our latest episode, you can do so by clicking on the player below:

The third reason given was that the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin. I’d like to look at this closer. To put it another way, we could say that the Holy Spirit purifies us or makes us Continue reading “The Holy Spirit Purifies Us”